Friday, March 11, 2011

Music, Beards, and Something to Make Hippies Angry

...come to think of it, there's a lot of things I do to make hippies angry.

Nothing extra today, just a list-style post.

Gratuitous music quote of the day:
(Don't you just LOVE those people who put "meaningf
ul" music quotes on their Twitter feed or Facebook status? I want in on this bandwagon! But I'll tell you what's better than something "meaningful"--something completely random, nonsensical, or taken entirely out of context.)

"Oh, the snot has caked against my has turned into crystal."
Love, "Live and Let Live"

Beard of the day:

Let's continue with the baseball beards. Bruce Sutter, the grandfather of the splitter, was also an impressive connoisseur of facial hair. While he lacks the good fortune to be wearing Giants gear, his beard is no less impressive than that of Brian Wilson. He pulls off the impressive trick of having a thick beard without looking sloppy (some may argue he needs a haircut, but how could one argue against such finely-honed facial hair?). This is a guy you look at and say, "I bet that guy gets some serious tail with that beard." I'm sure he did. He's Brucefreaking Sutter. Note his dazed look. He's clearly tired from being up all night doing it with beard groupies. What a man.

Something I hate that most people like:
Flip-flops! Or sandals of any kind, really. I just don't find it comfortable, man. I've tried to like flip-flops at various times in my existence, but they tend to hurt the top of my feet and in between my toes. The flapping around bugs me b
ecause my mobility is hindered, and I can't stand my feet getting super dirty. Also, I don't know how anyone could walk into a bathroom with flip-flops on. I'm surprised most of the people in California, Florida, and Hawaii haven't acquired major filth-borne illnesses (not that I'm particularly squeamish, but it's just gross). Flip-flops will never be my friends.

HOWEVAH, I do like shoes that go on quickly and easily. I've worn Vans for years, even though I've never owned a skateboard. It's just that you can tie them once and then just slip them on and off easily. My last four or five pairs of shoes have been the exact same all-black Vans. I wear them for work, play, church, and everything else I have to do. People probably think I'm really disrespectful, but I just don't believe that we should be judged on clothes. The problem with my Vans is that I have to wear them with socks,
which is fine except if I just want to go out to check the mail or whatever.

I'm thinking of getting a pair of crocs, as they can be worn sockless and offer more support than stupid flip-flops. Also acceptable would be a pair of slippers with a hard sole. I had these memory foam slippers with a hard sole once. They wer
e heaven. I was a grad assistant at the time and I even taught class in them. So very nice. Then I wore them in the rain and they got ruined. I miss those slippers.

Delicious food of the moment:
Chipotle burrito bols (sic, in case you doubt my awesomeness). I take my Chipotle very seriously, but I've only gotten a burrito there twice. Both times were a disappointment. The proportions are just all wrong and they don't mix it up at all (yes, I know they will, but it wouldn't help enough, anyway).

For years I got the soft tacos. I would always get f
our so that I could get one with each type of meat. Then I got a bite of the hard shell tacos and I was temporarily converted. Then last year my sister introduced me to the glory that is the burrito bol. I have a very specific formula: rice, two scoops of black beans, a scoop of pinto beans, half barbacoa, half carnitas, hot salsa, enough sour cream to drown a squirrel, and cheese. Get some tortilla chips with which to scoop it all up and you have a masterpiece of faux-Mexican perfection. Also, an extra thing of hot salsa to dump on it when the sour cream is gone. I have one complaint: the corn has little chunks of onion in it. Otherwise, I'd totally add the corn to the epic goodness. As is, Chipotle is the food of the gods.
First song to come up after pressing "shuffle" on my iPod:
"When It Comes Down To You" by Against All Authority.

Despite a great band name, I don't know enough about this to really comment. I decided to try out their music recently and while I don't hate it, I haven't felt particularly compelled to continue listening. In listening to this song, I can say that I like the horns.

Boring one this time, but not quite embarrassing. Get ready. It will come.

Current album and TV show:
Album: Everything Goes Numb by Streetlight Manifesto

I'm not going to lie. This album rocks my socks. And as you can probably tell from above, I am usually wearing socks. Guys, ska is really, really good when mixed with punk rock. It's just the way of the world. If you can't accept this, then you really need to review your priorities in life.

TV Show: Glee

Look, I'm not going to lie. I love Glee. How can I possibly deny something so good? Tuesday's episode featured Gwyneth Paltrow, to which I say "meh." Her character isn't as great as everyone seems to think. In fact, she's rather one-dimensional and not particularly likable in her single dimension. She also failed to be sexy in an episode entitled "Sexy." That's a problem. She pulls off pretty, but doesn't really have any appeal beyond that.

What was awesome was the treatment of Santana and Brittany's relationship. Kurt has always annoyed me. I feel like they've dealt with his homosexuality in a preachy, stereotypical, and sometimes offensive way. Santana and Brittany were dealt with in tenderness and something with legitimate feeling (especially surprising, given the characters).

Also, "Landslide" was really, really good. I just wish Gwyneth Paltrow hadn't been involved. Of course, she's better than Stevie Nicks. I hate Fleetwood Mac.

Obligatory photo of gorgeous starlet:

I used to like Rachel, but the more I watch the show, it seems like Quinn is the best looking one. Or maybe Santana. Hard to say.

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  1. I actually remember you saying once, "Sara, please, be a better hippie." A moment that I will invoke out of context forever.